• We offer guidance on how to reach long-term financial goals
  • Excellent writing, editing and proofreading skills, honed over almost 20 years as a paralegal.
  • It is important for families and seniors to work together to find a housing option that is a good match from each facilities amenities and care options
  • We provide medical referral service that offers staffing consultation services for medical professionals and facilities and individuals.




With the use of knowledge of community resources and professionals, the goal can be done effectively and confidentially in the comfort of your home at an affordable fee.

We provide a medical referral service that includes staffing consultation by in-home medical professionals, assisted living or nursing home facilities. Call for an appointment to discuss your specific need.

I have excellent writing, editing and professional skills, honed over 32 years as a paralegal. This experience includes most areas of law in appellate and lower courts, as well as being a county court mediator. As such, I can refer the best attorneys in the area.

With all the senior citizen housing options from which to choose, it's important for families and their loved ones to locate the option which meets all their needs , from the amenities of the facility and care afforded to the location and costs. Let us do the work for you!

We are associated with financial advisors who can offer guidance in reaching long-term goals, money management, investments, insurance and debt management, to name a few.